Friday, September 4, 2009

New Testament Greek Writing System and Cognates

This lesson, which is part of lesson 2, covers the writing system for NT Greek and introduces the concept of cognates and their potential usefulness for vocabulary acquisition. I've also included a couple of audio readings in the presentation from the support files from Professor Kunjummen's text book.

This lecture provides readings from the genealogies in Luke and Matthew. Mark Goodacre has recently discussed these genealogies in a rather fascinating manner and I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to those podcasts. The first one is episode 1, Matthew's Genealogy; whilst the second one is episode 10 which discusses Jesus' genealogy in Luke's gospel.

Presentation stream from the second class...

What are your thoughts about this use of technology? Is it helpful for learning Greek? Any suggestions to make it better?

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J. Brian Tucker, Ph.D. said...

I just noticed that the unicode fonts are not working. Sorry about that. I will see what I can do.