Monday, February 10, 2014

IBR Call for Paper 2014: Identity Formation in the Pauline Letters

Identity Formation in the Pauline Letters: Call for Papers 2014 IBR Meeting

We will be holding two halves to our session at the IBR Annual Meeting on Nov. 21, 2014 in San Diego. The first half, for which we would like to receive paper proposals, will concentrate on the theme of Identity Formation and Paul’s Jewish Context. We welcome papers examining the Pauline letters in their contingent and coherent Jewish contexts, or analyzing them by means of relevant Jewish literature, or incorporating relevant Jewish archaeological, historical, or literary evidence in order to construct more precisely Paul’s identity-forming work. 

The second half will be a book review session. We are delighted to be able to concentrate on the Pauline letters and methodological sections of The T and T Clark Handbook to Social Identity and the New Testament, edited by J. Brian Tucker and Coleman A. Baker (Bloomsbury T and T Clark, 2014). We will be inviting respondents to ensure a dynamic and multi-faceted discussion ranging across social theory, social history, and Paul’s approach to identity formation. Please contact J. Brian Tucker and/or James Miller for more information.